groundwork wet pour repair

Wet Pour Repair

One of the most common issues which about which our clients contact us is wet pour shrinking away from concrete edges.  Additionally wet pour, as with all playground surfaces, is not completely resistant to vandal attacks.  It can of course be ‘patched’, but as most people with industry experience know, patches don’t always last long.

At Groundwork and Leisure Services Limited we can patch your damaged wet pour and overlay the entire area with NottsSport ChildsPlay from as little as £30/m2 including an 8 year guarantee.

When considered as a longer term investment this option will often prove lower cost when compared with frequent wet pour repairs over the same period.

NottsSport Overlay & Industry Leading Guarantee

Often vandalized with fire the durability of the wet pour can be undermined.

Old or inadequately installed wet pour can shrink and leave gaps along the perimeter of the surfacing.  These small problem areas, when targeted by vandals, can quickly develop into larger areas of degradation and severely compromise the surfaces ability to reduce the impact of accidents.

Groundwork and Leisure Services offer a full wet pour patch repair service, but additionally offer a unique overlay service with NottsSport VHAF Childsplay.

The distinct advantages of this overlay wet pour repair method are:

  • The damaged wet pour can be repaired and therefore retain its critical fall height (CFH) protection.
  • No waste is removed from site which is the most environmentally friendly solution, as well as the most cost effective.
  • The NottsSport VHAF covers the wet pour repair and therefore vandals cannot focus their efforts on the weaker seams of the patch repair, which is important as no company will offer a guarantee on wet pour patch repairs.
  • Notts Sport is over-sanded at a rate of 18-25kg/m2 offering improved levels of vandal resistance to burning, graffiti and knife attacks.
  • Notts Sport Childsplay carries a 8 year guarantee on all materials and workmanship.
  • Playground can be used as soon as we finish, so no downtime
  • Prices start at £30/m2 + VAT

All the methods we employ to fix the Notts Sport surfacing in situ, ‘cut and chase’, ‘dig, anchor and bury’ etc. entirely cover the the kerbs/timber edges and existing wet pour/tiles edges.  This ensures that users cannot target the edges which are notoriously the ‘weak spot’ of the wet pour system and ensure that there will never be a gap again.

Groundwork and Leisure Services staff fit this system themselves, one of the management team is always on site, and no subcontractors are involved at any stage.  To that end, we provide the guarantee in conjunction with the manufacturer, so in the unlikely event there is ever a problem, you phone us back and speak to us directly and we will resolve the issue as soon as is practicable.